Journal publications and book chapters (selected) 

Funding Data from Publication Acknowledgements: Coverage, Uses and Limitations

A triple helix model of medical innovation: Supply, demand, and technological capabilities in terms of Medical Subject Headings

Strategic intelligence on emerging technologies: Scientometric overlay mapping

Journal portfolio analysis for countries, cities, and organizations: Maps and comparisons?

Technological accretion in diagnostics: HPV testing and Pap testing in cervical cancer screening

What is an emerging technology?

Matching MEDLINE/PubMed data with Web of Science (WoS): A routine in R-language

Determinants of patent citations in biotechnology: An analysis of patent influence across the industrial and organizational boundaries

An exploratory study of the role of publishing inventors in nanotechnology

When does centrality matter? Scientific productivity and the moderating role of research specialization and cross community ties

Innovation as a nonlinear process, the scientometric perspective, and the specification of an ‘innovation opportunities explorer’

Bibliometric perspectives on medical innovation using the Medical Subject Headings of PubMed

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